DURASIN Epoxy Marine Chocking Compound MARINE INDUSTRY: Main & Auxiliary Engines, Gear Boxes, (Propulsion/Reduction, Dredge Pump, etc.), Steering Gear, Rudder Stock, Transom Flanges, Stern Tube, ‘A’ Brackets, Deck Machineries (Windlass and various Winches, etc.), Cutlass Bearing (Stern Tube Installation), Shaft Generators, Alternators, DG Sets, FIFI (Fire Fighting) Pumps and LNG/LPG Tank Mounting System, etc. GENERAL INDUSTRY: Stationary and or Rotary Engines, Pumps, Generators, Heavy Electric Motors, Compressors, Turbines, Slew Ring Bearings, Transformers, etc. SHIPYARD, WORKSHOPS, and HARBOR: Crane Rail Foundations. Construction /Road Building Industry: ‘Crusher Wear Plates Backing Compound’ for Cone Crusher, Large Gyratory Crusher, and Primary Crusher.



KVM is used in the marine industry for fire-, gas- and water-tight sealing of cable passage and penetration into Type A 60 headers and bulk decks . It is also used in industrial plants and offshore platforms / services for fire protection. EL Wanis Marine workshop (W.M.W) is the agent for DIK products (DURASIN, KVM, MANGANA, FIRESTOP) in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Sultanate of Oman  KVM is produced by DIK Company South Korea which is a DNV Management System Certified Company. KVM Product consists of Powder, Hardener and Retaining Compound (MANGANA) KVM has Classification Society Approvals from (ABS, BV, RINA, IRS, NK, KR, LR, DNVGL, CR, CCS, RS, BMI, CCG, NL, and NMD) KVM is one of the best products of CABLE PENETRATION SEALING COMPOUND in the world. KVM is the first choice for shipyards in South Korea and CHINA. KVM validity: Unlimited time in dry place storage.


Alignment & Epoxy Marine Chocking

EL Wanis Marine workshop (W.M.W) has the best Laser Shaft Alignment systems (ALIGN)...

ROTALIGN-touch_Laser-shaft-alignment-application_elwanis marine

Alignment Systems

EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has specialized experts who have huge experiences in...



EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts in the process of measuring vibration and...

Propeller Shaft

Propeller Shaft

EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts specialized in the repairs and maintenance...

Clutch & Gear-box

Clutch & Gearbox

EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts specializing in the repair of all malfunctions...

Hydraulic & Deck Machinery

Hydraulic & Deck Machinery

EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts specialized in the repair and maintenance of...



EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts in all rudder works as repairing, maintenance and...

fifi pump


EL WANIS MARINE Workshop (W.M.W) has experts specialized in repair and maintenance of all types...

line bor

line bor

EL Wanis Marine workshop (W.M.W) has the best Laser Shaft Alignment systems (ALIGN) and line bor...

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