cable penetration sealing compound

EL Wanis Marine workshop (W.M.W) is the agent for DIK products (DURASIN, KVM, MANGANA) in Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Sultanate of Oman 

KVM is produced by DIK Company South Korea which is a DNV Management System Certified Company.

KVM Product consists of Powder, Hardener and Retaining Compound (MANGANA)

KVM has Classification Society Approvals from (ABS, BV, RINA, IRS, NK, KR, LR, DNVGL, CR, CCS, RS, BMI, CCG, NL, and NMD)

KVM is one of the best cable penetration sealing compound products in the world.

KVM is the first choice for shipyards in South Korea and China.

KVM Validity: Unlimited storage time in a dry place.

  • fire stop
  • Water and gas tightness
  • Does not shrink or does not shrink
  • non-toxic
  • harmful to skin
  • Unlimited validity

KVM is used in the marine industry for fire-, gas- and water-tight sealing of cable passage and penetration into Type A 60 headers and bulk decks . It is also used in industrial plants and offshore platforms / services for fire protection.

Specifications :

SOLAS 1980 & IMCO.

previous works:
Egyptian market
  • Alexandria Arsenal.
  • Triumph (Ship: Freedom 3).
  • Many companies, many shipping companies.
global market
  • HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (South Korea) (hhi.co.kr).
  • Hyundai Facebook (hshi.co.kr).
  • Samsung (samsungshi.com).
  • DSME (dsme.co.kr).
  • Ms. Temba Shipyards Limited (Chennai).
  • Ms. Geometry of the Sun (Ratnagiri) m/s. Templo dry docks (by air).
  • Ms. Energy Center (by air).
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